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Partner Solutions

Logicpath is part of the Ceto family of companies and the provider of Deposit Reclassification and C3 Financial. 

As the popularity of Deposit Reclassification and C3 Financial increased and the products matured, Douglas Ceto launched logicpath in 2008. Logicpath is solely focused on software that aids financial institutions with recovering non-earning assets and streamlining cash operations.

Non-earning assets are often overlooked in today’s banking environment. Logicpath is here to help banks and credit unions capitalize on this existing liquidity to improve profitability, without impacting their customers or members.

Logicpath continues to stay true to the Ceto family of companies mission to provide solutions with the client’s success and profitability at the top of mind, and are committed to the continued advancement and development of Deposit Reclassification and C3.

Deposit Reclassification

Deposit Reclassification is a Federal Reserve Board acknowledged retail sweep program. It allows financial institutions the ability to reclassify transaction accounts as non-transaction accounts, thereby reducing FRB reserve requirements and balances so that those funds can be deployed in a more profitable way.

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C3 Financial

C3 Financial is a web-based software that enables financial institutions to manage branch, ATM, device and vault cash. Designed to eliminate excess cash and outages and automate cash requests, C3 Financial provides an integrated framework for your cash management operations.

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