Performance Enhancement & Business Intelligence

Duration: 45 minutes

Presenter: John Mateker of Ceto and Associates

Business intelligence is important in helping organizations understand how well they perform compared to other, similar organizations.  Many financial institutions utilize information from publicly available sources such as SNL, the FDIC or NCUA, or other sources.  While this information provides them some metrics about how they might compare to some organizations, most of this information is broad-based and does not allow them to drill down to more defined functional areas.  While this information is useful to the financial institution, it may not be specific enough to help improve performance.

Join us for the upcoming webinar – Performance Enhancement & Business Intelligence to learn how focused business intelligence and functional observations can help improve organizational performance.  We will discuss our Clear Point product methodology that financial institutions utilize to help improve operational performance.  Through this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • What is business intelligence?
  • How business intelligence and on-site discussions/observations help drive process improvements.
  • Some interesting insights from Clear Point studies.

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 June 12 at 3pm Registration Performance Enhancement & Business Intelligence Webinar  June 13 at 12pm Registration Performance Enhancement & Business Intelligence Webinar