We design solutions to enhance our client's profitability, customer experience & shareholder value.

A management consulting firm

Founded in 1994 by Nicholas Ceto, Jr., Ceto and Associates is a highly respected and nationally recognized management consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Ceto and Associates specializes in working closely with banks, savings banks and credit unions to develop and deploy solutions that focus on increasing profitability through initiatives that maximize revenue, reduce expense and improve organizational performance and efficiency. Our highly experienced consultants bring together a combination of product, industry, operations, and project management expertise with one objective in mind – to increase our client’s profitability, and enhance the customer experience and shareholder value.

Ceto and Associates places the client’s needs in the forefront and designs solutions to best fit their culture, goals and objectives. Ceto and Associates and, its sister company, logicpath have earned the trust and increased the profitability of more than 2,000 financial institutions in all 50 states and Canada.

"The mission of Ceto and Associates reflects back on my youth.  I was born in a very small town and saw how important the banks were and now the credit unions as well. It's the community banks and the credit unions in the small towns that really drive this country. The mission of our firm is to work with these community banks and credit unions. We understand their goals. We work with them to make them more profitable, more efficient, and better managed." - Nicholas Ceto, Jr.