A management consulting firm

Working closely with community banks and credit unions to increase profitability

A management consulting firm

Ceto and Associates specializes in developing and deploying solutions that focus on increasing a financial institution’s profitability through initiatives that maximize revenue, reduce expense and improve organizational performance and efficiency.

Formed in 1994, Ceto and Associates celebrate 27 years of working closely with community banks and credit unions throughout the US and Canada.

Ceto and Associates strives to bring the highest possible quality and cost effectiveness to every one of our engagements.

We do this by assigning only highly knowledgeable professionals that are skilled in both the art of consulting and in high performance banking practices.

We only make recommendations in our clients' best interest and that best fit their unique culture, strategies, and market objectives. The benefit to the client is always our number one goal.


Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Company
Larry Heilbronner • SVP & CFO
Canandaigua, NY

We were very pleased with Ceto and Associates’ Market View program. The project was completely risk-free to our organization, since our payments to Ceto and Associates were based on actual benefits. The scope of the program was extensive and included a review of hundreds of different areas, with the objective of maximizing profitability within our product mix. Their staff was highly professional and easy to work with. Ceto and Associates also helped with the implementation and monitoring of all management approved recommendations. We realized a significant increase in revenues, and so, the engagement was a big success!

I.H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union
Brian Laufenberg • President & CEO
Moline, IL

We worked with Ceto and Associates on a Market View project.  We were very pleased with the comprehensive scope of the engagement.  They evaluated all of our products, services, rates, and fees on both sides of our balance sheet, and performed an extensive review of our local market and competition.  Based on their analysis, they were able to make some prudent recommendations for our product portfolio.  We realized a significant increase in revenues from the project, and would recommend Ceto and Associates’ Market View program to other financial institutions.

Plumas Bank
BJ North • Executive VP
Quincy, CA

We were optimistic going into our Market View venture with Ceto and Associates and they certainly delivered. With so many challenges confronting the banking industry today and with the markets changing rapidly, employing Ceto and Associates’ expertise was very advantageous, as it allowed our management team to quickly and efficiently implement the changes required to compete in our markets, while also taking advantage of the local pricing environment. Their team was great to work with and they were very proficient with their short time onsite. Our personnel were not bogged down by this project and we were very satisfied with the rather substantial increase in income.

From Our Leadership

Nicholas Ceto, Jr

Nicholas Ceto, Jr.

"Since our founding almost 25 years ago, we work hard each and every day to provide the finest consulting services available to community banks and credit unions while following our mission statement - 'Clients First…Always!'”

Douglas Ceto

Douglas Ceto

“As a family business, our goal has always been to create a culture of professionalism, teamwork, community and family first. This culture closely aligns with our clients and prospects in the community bank and credit union market. I feel strongly that this is why we have earned the trust of over 2000 clients nationwide!”

Richard J. Holtzman

Richard J. Holtzman

"Financial institutions in the United States and Canada are each unique. Ceto and Associates strive to respect our clients' culture while helping them increase profitability and operational efficiency."

Robert Monteith

Robert M. Monteith, Jr.

“We take great satisfaction in developing strategies to help others meet their own business objectives and achieve high levels of success, so much so that it is embedded into the very fabric of our corporate mission, philosophy, and DNA.”

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