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Empowering Banking Leaders with Strategic Insights for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth

Nova is Ceto's powerful intelligence platform, integrating advanced data analytics and software capabilities to deliver actionable insights for strategic decision-making. With our exclusive data and comprehensive analysis, Nova empowers you to:

  • Gain a competitive edge with unparalleled market and competitor intelligence
  • Optimize organizational efficiency and profitability through insightful benchmarking
  • Drive sustainable growth with data-driven business insights

Tailored for C-Suite Needs, Nova offers a range of subscription options and customizable solutions, including Competition, Vendor, Benchmarks, GeoData, and Insights. Our platform crafts intelligence tailored to your unique business needs, fostering informed decision-making and superior organizational outcomes.

Experience Nova's Transformative Power


How It Works

Ceto has 5 different solutions on the strategic roadmap for the Nova platform:

  • Competition is Nova's feature that redefines how Ceto clients stay ahead, offering competitive intelligence by illuminating competitors' loans, deposits, and channel offerings. This includes an in-depth analysis of rates, fees, and product configurations. By harnessing Ceto's exclusive database alongside our market research expertise, we ensure the information you receive is accurate and actionable. Clients can uniquely tailor their Competition dashboard, selecting specific financial institutions across different lines of business for a personalized view within the Nova platform. Ceto continuously updates this competitive insight to maintain relevancy. With access to sophisticated reporting, dynamic data visualizations, and analytical tools, staying ahead has never been easier. Officially launched in April 2024, this feature is undergoing Beta Testing to refine and perfect its offerings.

Discover a world of data right at your fingertips with NOVA.

With NOVA's Competition, you can effortlessly compare data across up to six competitors simultaneously, making data visualization more convenient and organized.

Example of Mortgage Lender Origination Fees.

Data intelligence comes alive with detailed graphs and tables with a few clicks.
Example of Key Financial Ratios.

Understanding the nuances of key financial ratios, which assess a company's health, performance, efficiency, and profitability, and comparing them with those of industry peers can offer invaluable insights into shaping strategic decision-making.
Example of Personal Loan Origination Fees.

You can quickly unlock insights into your competitors' personal loan origination fees. With comprehensive graphs and tables at your fingertips, making informed strategic decisions to outpace your market competition is simpler than ever.
NOVA Competition offers access to an expansive collection of over 500 Data Points per Financial Instituition, spanning various fields.

Driven by our research group and led by a dedicated team leader, it includes senior analysts, QA analysts, and experienced research analysts. To guarantee the highest data quality, each analyst undergoes a rigorous training program of 4 to 12 months tailored to their specific roles.

  • Vendors is the Nova component that delivers a contract lifecycle management (CLM) application to the platform, allowing Ceto clients to upload, house, and track their third-party vendor agreements. This solution transitions clients from cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to a comprehensive tool. This upgrade shows third-party relationships with unprecedented clarity, highlighting vendor expenses, key dates, milestones (start dates, renewals, expiration dates, and more), and the primary contacts for each relationship. It also provides quick access to essential vendor information. Enhanced with dynamic reporting, engaging data visualizations, and powerful analytics tools, this feature streamlines operations and elevates insight into your external partnerships.

  • Benchmarks is the Nova offering that elevates business intelligence, featuring more than 240 key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks. This tool grants unparalleled insight into banking metrics beyond what's accessible in FDIC or NCUA 5300 Call Reports. By tapping into Ceto's exclusive database, this solution spans essential banking operations areas—retail, commercial, digital, and beyond. It empowers clients to compare their performance directly with a curated peer group, unlocking pathways to enhance efficiency, performance, and productivity across the organization. With sophisticated reporting, dynamic data visualizations, and powerful analytics at your fingertips, Benchmarking is set to revolutionize strategic planning. 

  • GeoData is another innovative feature of the Nova platform. It boosts market comprehension and demographic understanding. It empowers Ceto clients to compare their performance directly with that of their competitors and peers in the industry. By showcasing essential information, including the locations of branches and ATMs, as well as extensive demographic details drawn from Census data and more. Thanks to its powerful reporting tools, mapping, and in-depth analysis capabilities, GeoData opens the door to unparalleled strategic opportunities.

  • Insights introduces a superior advisory experience to Ceto clientele, driving their intelligence and profit-boosting strategies forward. This tool dives into the depths of strategy implementation and monitoring, aiming to refine the efficiency ratio significantly. Institutions are guided towards peak profitability with the assistance of a dedicated Ceto consultant powered by AI-driven technologies. Insights integrates the collective strength of Nova’s suite, presenting the most comprehensive overview available.  

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