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A team committed to the success of the banking community.

President / CEO

Douglas Ceto


As the driving force behind Ceto, Douglas Ceto oversees business development, operations, and technology, providing strategic consultation to Ceto's bank and credit union clients. Under his leadership, Ceto has grown from a 3-person operation into a formidable firm, showcasing his exceptional acumen in organizational growth.

Douglas Ceto, a seasoned executive and successful entrepreneur, founded Logicpath, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, serving as its CEO. Logicpath's acquisition by Loomis in 2020 marked a milestone in his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting his ability to position businesses for success.

With a rich background in the financial sector, Douglas has collaborated with institutions like the Bank of New York, Truist, and Federal Reserve Bank examiners. His expertise extends to entrepreneurship, providing valuable assistance to businesses in funding, planning, and web-based ventures.

In a career spanning three decades, Douglas Ceto has played a pivotal role in diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare, tradeshows, and retail. His multifaceted experience reflects versatility and adaptability in navigating complex business landscapes. As a forward-thinking leader, Douglas continues to make a lasting impact, embodying leadership and innovation.

Chief Financial Officer

Kelly K. Sphar

Chief Revenue Officer

Robby Monteith, Jr

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jennifer Biggers

Chief Marketing Officer

John Allison

SVP Talent Aquisition

Cheryl Ceto

SVP Business Development

Michael Emmons


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