Clear Point


The Clear Point engagement consists of three phases: the Diagnostic phase (Phase I), the Analysis phase (Phase II), and the Delivery phase (Phase III), which each phase taking approximately 30 days. Phase II begins immediately after the completion of the diagnostic and 4 - 8 days on-site visit, which is then followed by Phase III. Our objective is to minimize disruption of employees’ daily work, and as such, we will limit our time on-site to two visits. Your personnel will spend minimal time on the overall effort. We perform 95% of the work on the project.

Phase I: Diagnostic (30 Days)

  • Data Collection
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Interviews – On Site (4-8 Days)

Phase II: Analysis (30 Days)

  • Perform Detailed Analysis & Identify Opportunities
  • Develop Recommendations
  • Create Report

Phase III: Delivery (30 Days)

  • Report of Findings and Recommendations – On Site (1 Day)
  • Blueprint and Action Plan

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