“We worked with Ceto and Associates on a Market View project. We were very pleased with the comprehensive scope of the engagement. They evaluated all of our products, services, rates, and fees on both sides of our balance sheet, and performed an extensive review of our local market and competition. Based on their analysis, they were able to make some prudent recommendations for our product portfolio. We realized a significant increase in revenues from the project, and would recommend Ceto and Associates’ Market View program to other financial institutions.”

Brian Laufenberg
President & Chief Executive Officer
I.H. Mississippi Valley Credit Union
Moline, IL
Total Assets: $1.2 Billion

“We had a great experience with Ceto and Associates during the Market View engagement. We were impressed with their program, which included a thorough review of product characteristics and pricing relative to our competitors and market conditions. Moreover, they considered the culture and strategy of our organization when performing the analysis and making any recommendations. The information was very informative, and the quality of their work was outstanding. We recognized some rather substantial benefits from the engagement. Overall, it was just a great exercise for us and we would urge other financial institutions that are interested in increasing revenue to contact Ceto and Associates about their program.”

Renee Lucas
Vice President of Operations
Clearview Federal Credit Union
Moon Township, PA
Total Assets: $1.1 Billion

“We had a very good experience with Ceto and Associates during the Market View engagement. They conducted a survey of fees and charges in our local market and suggested numerous ways that we might increase revenue while remaining fair to our members. There was never any pressure to adopt all of their recommendations and we selected those items which we thought appropriate to our market and members. Additionally, the data collection process was relatively painless. And most importantly, we achieved significantly improved non-interest income as a result of implementing their recommendations. I would suggest that anyone looking to improve their bottom line talk to Ceto and Associates.”

Steve Branstetter
Chief Financial Officer
People’s Trust Federal Credit Union
Houston, TX
Total Assets: $513 Million

“We were very pleased with Ceto and Associates’ Market View program. The project was completely risk-free to our organization, since our payments to Ceto and Associates were based on actual benefits. The scope of the program was extensive and included a review of hundreds of different areas, with the objective of maximizing profitability within our product mix. Their staff was highly professional and easy to work with. Ceto and Associates also helped with the implementation and monitoring of all management approved recommendations. We realized a significant increase in revenues, and so, the engagement was a big success.”

Karen Church
President & Chief Executive Officer
ELGA Credit Union
Burton, MI
Total Assets: $551 Million

“The Market View engagement with Ceto and Associates put us in a position to be more competitive in our markets, while also maximizing revenue in some specific product areas that we thought might already be sufficient through our own internal efforts. In addition, they brought to our attention other ideas and opportunities to enhance product profitability with their comprehensive local market research and competitor analysis. The amount of work that went into this process and the amount of information that Ceto and Associates provided about our markets, competitors, and products has been invaluable and something that would have been difficult to accomplish on our own considering our limited time and internal resources. I would strongly encourage other credit unions to consider Ceto and Associates for this type of engagement.”

Mark Pedersen
Chief Financial Officer
Altura Credit Union
Riverside, CA
Total Assets: $1.3 Billion

“We were very pleased with the results of the Market View engagement that we completed with the guidance of the team at Ceto and Associates. They completed a full review of our products and services relative to our local market. They were onsite for a just a few short days throughout the entire project and were professional, courteous and accommodating to our staff’s schedules during the interviews and data gathering portion. We felt no pressure to implement any recommendations that we didn’t think were right for our organization and members. Once we approved the recommendations that were right for us, Ceto and Associates was instrumental in assisting with the process of implementing and monitoring the recommendations to assure that we met the benefits that they had projected.”

Jim Phillips
Chief Financial Officer
The Southern Credit Union
Fayetteville, GA
Total Assets: $382 Million

“We had the opportunity to work with the professionals at Ceto and Associates on a project of reviewing and updating our non-interest income. We found their processes to be very flexible, and their staff members to be very intuitive as we worked through the process. They performed a thorough market study of our local competition, made very well thought out recommendations, and provided us significant flexibility in tailoring the choices we made to ensure greater market acceptance. They placed no pressure on our decision making process, and their system of monitoring our results was fair and easily measured. We would be pleased to recommend Ceto and Associates’ services to any financial institution looking to improve their operating results.”

Butch Osborne
President and Chief Executive Officer
Fairmont Federal Credit Union
Fairmont, WV
Total Assets: $340 Million

“We have conducted similar reviews of our products in the past, but they were not as extensive and thorough as the Market View project we conducted with Ceto and Associates. Their in-depth review not only yielded significant new revenue ideas but also spurred meaningful conversation among our management team regarding many areas of our organization. The recommendations that we ultimately approved and implemented fit the right balance between both the philosophical and financial objectives of our organization. While similar reviews are possible with internal resources, we recommend Ceto and Associates because of their insight and the expertise that they brought to the table, in addition to the risk-free nature of the engagement.”

Rex Hochstedler
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Interra Credit Union
Goshen, IN
Total Assets: $960 Million

“Ceto and Associates recently engaged our organization with their Market View program. We were very impressed with the depth of their research into our local markets and competitors. They also demonstrated a very thorough understanding of our product and services and our philosophical approach with our business and members. The review was exhaustive and included many areas throughout all of our product lines. They took into account the appropriate balance that is necessary to service the needs of our members, while also identifying significant opportunities to increase overall revenue. The recommendations were very straightforward and relatively easy to implement. We are very happy with our relationship and partnership with Ceto and Associates.”

Vance Reinbold
Chief Financial Officer
Capital Credit Union
Bismarck, ND
Total Assets: $458 Million