Vendor Link


The Vendor Link engagement consists of three phases: the Appraisal phase (Phase I), which will take approximately two weeks, the Plan phase (Phase II), which will take approximately two weeks, and the Negotiation phase (Phase III), which varies depending on the expiration of your existing vendor contract that is being renegotiated. We perform 95% of the work on the project. We will not require any time on-site for the engagement. To get started and to perform the appraisal, we will just need a copy of your vendor contract and three recent monthly invoices.

Phase I: Appraisal (2 Weeks)

  • Collect Contracts for Review and Three Months of Invoices for Each
  • Perform Analysis and Quantify Cost Savings
  • Complete and Deliver Appraisal

Phase II: Plan (2 Weeks)

  • Review Appraisal and Discuss Options
  • Create Action Plan

Phase III: Negotiation (TBD)

  • Receive Authorization to Begin Negotiations
  • Submit Proposals to Vendors
  • Complete the Negotiation Process
  • Execute Renewal Contracts

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