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Powering Bank                  Profitability & Performance
with Intelligence 


Optimize Your Profitability, Performance, & Growth with Intelligence & Data-Driven Insights

$150,000 - $300,000

New Earnings Annually

per $100 Million of Total Assets

For more than 25 years, Ceto has been a trusted partner to the banking community, powering the profitability, performance, and growth for regional and community banks with intelligence-driven solutions for more than 2,000 clients across the U.S. in all 50 states. With in-depth market research and insights, and robust data analytics, we deliver a customized experience for our clients with a singular focus – to assist our bank clients in improving their financial and operational performance, enhancing their customer experience, and increasing their shareholder value.

While similar reviews are possible with internal resources, we recommend Ceto because of their insight and the expertise that they brought to the table, in addition to the risk-free nature of the engagement.”
citybank4 Paul Ehlers
Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Lubbock, TX
Total Assets: $3.9 Billion
We recently completed a Market View project with Ceto and were very impressed with not only the results, but the entire process that yielded those results. This has been one of the most cost-beneficial projects we have implemented.”
Mark Ingalls
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Dedham, MA
Total Assets: $1.9 Billion
Considering a consulting firm to assist with product pricing and profitability is a delicate process, but Ceto made the decision easy, and we have been very happy with the partnership on the recent Market View initiative.”
fmt-logo Mark Hollar
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Chambersburg, PA
Total Assets: $1.7 Billion
We were optimistic going into our Market View venture with Ceto and they certainly delivered. With so many challenges confronting the banking industry today and with the markets changing rapidly, employing Ceto’s expertise was very advantageous.”
plumas-bank BJ North
Executive Vice President

Quincy, CA
Total Assets: $1.6 Billion
We recently engaged Ceto to perform their Market View solution. It was exactly what they represented it to be, and their professionals were knowledgeable and easy to work with throughout the project. The engagement was timely, we were pleased with the results and would consider engaging Ceto for another project in the future.”
capitol-city-bank-logo Kim Davis
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Tallahassee, FL
Total Assets: $4.3 Billion
Although it is possible to accomplish these types of initiatives with internal resources and staff, we would recommend Ceto as an attractive alternative, due to their industry expertise and insight. The success of this project has allowed us to add some new revenue to our bottom line, while also recognizing the importance of partnering with an unbiased third-party firm."
traditional-bank Michael Hendrix
Chief Financial Officer

Mount Sterling, KY
Total Assets: $2.2 Billion


What Can Ceto Do For Your Bank?


Optimize Your Income with Competitive Intelligence & Data-Driven Insights 

Leverage competitive intelligence to enhance visibility into your markets and optimize your income with product pricing and
product design strategies.


Reduce Your Contract Costs with Vendor Management & Data-Driven Insights

Deploy vendor management principles to reduce your vendor
contract costs through costing metrics and negotiation strategies.


Enhance Your Performance with Business Intelligence & Data-Driven Insights


Empower business intelligence to improve your performance and productivity with operational efficiency strategies and expense reduction best practices.



25+ Years Experience

2,000 Clients Across the U.S. in all 50 States

Ceto has a proud legacy of developing strong relationships with our Regional and Community Bank partners with a specific focus for our clients:

  • Driving profitability, performance, and growth for maximum return on investment with assurances of minimal disruption
  • Delivering in-depth market research, data-driven analyses and insights, and actionable intelligence with a unique perspective that is unbiased and experienced
  • Performing customized engagements that account for the unique characteristics of our clients, including business model, strategy, objectives, corporate brand, culture, customer base, and/or geographic footprint or competitive markets
  • Demonstrating a deep commitment to ensure positive client experiences and successful engagements