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  • 2024 Banking Trends Unveiled: A STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVE

The dynamic landscape of the banking industry in 2024 is unveiling exciting transformations. 

As a consultant privileged to engage with C-level executives, vendors, and credit union representatives, I've uncovered five compelling predictions that promise to reshape the banking sector this year.

  1. Revolutionizing Banking with Generative AI

Prepare for a game-changing era with generative AI at the forefront. Before we dive headlong into this transformative wave, let's explore the considerations and lessons it brings. Generative AI empowers financial institutions to automate tedious tasks, liberating time for more complex, human-centric endeavors. Sardine, a rising fintech player, is leveraging machine learning to fortify risk management and fraud detection. Imagine a future where your banking experience is personalized through AI-driven virtual assistants like Glia's. It's not just automation; it's a revolution in customer service.

  1. Embedded Finance: Where Convenience Meets Innovation

In 2024, embedded finance will emerge as a powerful trend, seamlessly integrating financial services into third-party platforms. The challenge lies in maintaining the visibility of financial institution brands amidst this integration. Alkami, a digital provider, is a prime example, enabling financial institutions to reach over 16.9 million digital banking users. Explore the potential partnerships between fintech and banking firms that can redefine the future of finance.

  1. Streamlining Back-End Processes: A Competitive Imperative

Competitiveness hinges on efficient back-end processes. Collaborate with IT experts to develop and deploy solutions tailored to your customers' needs. The success story of PortX, securing $16.5 million in Series B funding, underscores the transformative power of IT partnerships. Imagine simplified adaptation without the hefty costs of traditional development. The future is now, and companies like PortX are paving the way.

  1. Cost Reduction Strategies: Innovate to Thrive

In the face of uncertainty, financial institutions prioritize cost reduction. The key lies in proactive investments in technology, process automation, and strategic partnerships. Enter Ceto, which is actively involved in reshaping the financial landscape. Vendor Link's groundbreaking program saved clients over $6 million in expenses in nine months. It's not just about cost-cutting; it's about strategic innovation.

  1. Instant Payments: Redefining Transactions

Welcome to the era of instant payments, a trend already taking center stage in 2024. The FedNow service, launched in July 2023, has revolutionized how customers transfer money instantly. The PSCU-COOP merger and the widespread adoption of payment technology through APIs underline the pivotal role of payments in this transformative year.

In conclusion, the rapid evolution of the banking industry demands proactive adaptation. Embrace the future with open arms by leveraging new technologies, forging strategic partnerships, and staying relentlessly customer-focused. The journey to providing the ultimate banking experience begins now, and the possibilities are limitless.

Mary K. Soergel

Mary is a VP and Strategic Analyst with Ceto’s Consulting Solutions Group. With over 16 years of banking experience, she excels at building vendor relationships, negotiating contracts and finding unmatched savings for banks and credit unions. Mary stays updated on the latest technological advancements by attending vendor conferences and ensuring the best possible service for her clients in branch management.