MARKET VIEWTM is a competitive intelligence solution and unique revenue enhancement program that focuses on income generation, product pricing and design.  Our program is customized for your organization and includes a detailed report of analysis and findings designed to provide specific recommendations for your products and services.

MARKET VIEW also includes an extensive market study and competitive analysis with surveys and mystery shopping of your primary competitors in your markets, and furthermore examines the performance, pricing and characteristics of more than 360 different revenue components for your existing deposit products, loan products, and ancillary services – both consumer and business.

Based on our experience, MARKET VIEW engagements provide $1,000 – $2,000 in annual, pre-tax revenue per million dollars of assets. Find out your potential financial benefits from implementing Ceto and Associates’ MARKET VIEW.

MARKET VIEW Highlights:

  • Competitive Intelligence

    • Market Research & Competitor Analysis
    • Your Market Competitors (Banks or Credit Unions)
    • Mystery Shopping & Surveys
    • Rate & Fee Information
    • Product & Pricing Comparisons
  • Revenue Enhancement Program

    • 360+ Areas
    • Income Generation, Product Pricing & Design
    • Loan Products, Deposit Products & Ancillary Services
    • Product Gaps & Un-Priced Services
    • Relationship Pricing
    • Waivers, Refunds & Collection Rates
    • Procedures, Delivery Channels & Transaction Flows

MARKET VIEW Objectives:

  • Provide Competitive Intelligence & Decision-Making Tools
  • Enhance Product & Service Offerings
  • Maximize Product Profitability
  • Increase Non-Interest Income
  • Improve Competitive Position in the Market

MARKET VIEW Business Units:

  • Retail Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Mortgage and Consumer Lending
  • Deposit Operations & Loan Operations
  • Marketing

Find out more about Ceto and Associates’ MARKET VIEW Scope.

Find out more about Ceto and Associates’ MARKET VIEW Methodology.

We would be pleased to arrange a full presentation of our MARKET VIEW solution at a time convenient to you. At that time, we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal of work to be performed, project deliverables and professional arrangements for the engagement. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you in more detail, so that we may determine how we can best assist your institution. Request a presentation of our MARKET VIEW solution or a proposal of work.